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Occupational and Physical Therapy In Nassau County

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About the Business


This Occupational and Physical Therapy practice is well-positioned for growth, thanks to its comprehensive and diverse service offerings, specialized equipment, strong patient base, and strategic locations. With solid financials and a clear path to expanding its market presence, the practice offers a compelling opportunity for a prospective buyer looking to invest in the healthcare industry.

Diverse Service Offering:

  • The practice provides a wide range of occupational and physical therapy services, catering to patients of all ages, including no-fault cases, pediatric therapy, hand therapy, and more. This diversity allows the practice to meet the varied needs of the community and adapt to changing healthcare demands.

Specialized Equipment and Facilities:

  • Equipped with specialized therapy equipment such as cervical traction and fluidotherapy machines, alongside expansive facilities that include oversized gyms and a sensory gym for children with sensory processing issues, the practice is well-prepared to offer high-quality, differentiated services that can attract a wide patient base.

Strong Patient Base:

  • Currently serving 150 to 200 patients weekly, the practice already has a robust and loyal patient base. This existing clientele provides a solid foundation for growth, with opportunities to increase patient numbers through expanded services, extended hours, or marketing efforts.

Two Convenient Locations:

  • With a primary location boasting 3,200 square feet and a smaller satellite office, the practice's physical presence in multiple locations increases accessibility for patients, potentially drawing clients from a wider geographic area and boosting patient volume.

Recent Expansion:

  • The recent addition of a sensory gym highlights the practice's commitment to expanding its service offerings and addressing underserved needs within the community. This proactive approach to growth can lead to the development of niche services that distinguish the practice from competitors.

Unlimited Upside Potential:

  • The practice is described as having "unlimited upside potential," indicating that there are numerous avenues for growth. These could include further expanding service offerings, leveraging technology for telehealth services, increasing operational efficiency, or implementing strategic marketing campaigns to attract new clients.

Solid Financial Performance:

  • With a strong gross income and healthy cash flow, the practice is financially stable, providing a solid platform for future investment in growth initiatives. This financial health is crucial for supporting expansion efforts without compromising service quality.

Opportunity for Specialization:

  • Given the broad range of services currently offered, there's an opportunity to specialize further in high-demand areas such as sports rehabilitation, geriatric therapy, or post-operative care. Specialization can attract referrals and build a reputation as a center of excellence in specific therapy domains.


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